Why We’re the Premier Choice for Home Improvement Franchises

When it comes to selecting a home improvement franchise partner, the choices can be overwhelming. For those considering a venture into the Murphy Bed and custom closet industry, More Space Place emerges as the premier choice. With nearly three decades of franchising experience, More Space Place has honed the qualities that make them the ideal franchisor. In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why More Space Place stands out as the go-to choice for home improvement franchises.

Reputation and Years of Franchising Experience

More Space Place boasts an impressive track record with almost three decades in the franchising business. This longevity speaks to the reliability and stability of the brand, making it a trustworthy choice for aspiring franchisees.

Ability to Support Franchisees

The ability of a franchisor to support its franchisees is crucial for success. More Space Place understands the importance of ongoing support and has structured programs to assist franchisees at every stage of their journey.

Training to Help You Get Started

Starting a custom closet business from scratch can be a daunting task. More Space Place simplifies the process with a comprehensive training program that covers various aspects, ensuring franchisees are well-prepared for their grand opening.

Culture and Values Alignment

Aligning with a franchisor whose culture and values resonate with your vision is essential. More Space Place prioritizes collaboration and a shared vision, creating a positive and supportive franchise environment.

Our Murphy Bed and Custom Closet Franchise Training Program

More Space Place offers a streamlined experience for franchisees, starting with a two-week training program at the headquarters followed by an additional two weeks at the franchisee’s location. The training program covers:

● On-site Technical & Marketing
● Business Administration
● Sales Procedures
● Lead Generation
● Financial Control
● Design/Construction
● And much more.

The Investment and Ongoing Support

More Space Place is committed to supporting franchisees every step of the way. After the initial training, ongoing support includes assistance in areas such as showroom site selection, shop set-up, SEO and social marketing strategies, website and internet marketing support, advertising materials, annual meetings, central purchasing, negotiated vendor programs, CRM systems, and direct access to the corporate support hotline.

Acquiring Your Protected Territory

One standout feature of More Space Place’s franchise offering is the provision of a large, protected territory for franchisees. This ensures that franchisees won’t be competing with established franchises, providing a solid foundation for business growth.

Veteran-Friendly Franchise Opportunity

More Space Place is an active member of VetFran, offering qualified veterans a 25% discount off their $39,500 franchise fee. This commitment reflects More Space Place’s dedication to supporting veterans in their entrepreneurial journey.

Choosing More Space Place for your home improvement franchise means aligning with a brand backed by years of experience, comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a commitment to shared success. If you’re seeking a trustworthy and collaborative franchisor in the Murphy Bed and custom closet industry, More Space Place stands as the premier choice. Contact them today to explore the exciting opportunities awaiting you as a franchisee.


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