What Makes A Great Home Improvement Franchisee/Franchisor Relationship

What Makes a Great Home Improvement Franchisee/Franchisor Relationship

Opening a new business venture on your own vs. partnering with a franchise can be a daunting task no matter the industry, especially for those thinking of launching a business in the home improvement industry. In evaluating whether partnering with an established franchise like More Space Place makes better sense, there are many aspects that someone in your shoes should consider least of which involves recognizing the value of a good franchisor/franchisee relationship. For starters, the More Space Place brand family has helped nurture and support driven entrepreneurs like you for almost three full decades and set them up for success.

Experience to Rely On

When looking to establish a new More Space Place location, we work with you to carefully scout the optimal territory for your business, identifying one that protects your investment and helps you avoid being crowded out by the competition. Thanks to our extensive planning process, we have helped many new franchise owners with varying levels of home improvement experience start a successful business venture.

Setting the Foundation for Your Franchise

Other resources available to our franchise owners include:

  • On-site technical service
  • Marketing assistance
  • Lead generation efforts
  • Other business administration activities
  • National vendor discount programs that get you a substantial price advantage over buying materials on your own

Our franchise business model is structured in such a way that our success is tied to that of our franchisees, incentivizing us to act as true partners in growing your business. If you want to get the most out of a franchisor/franchisee relationship, it’s important to know that the team at More Space Place is truly committed to molding your franchise into the successful home improvement business that you’ve always dreamed of.

If a More Space Place franchise sounds like the opportunity you have been searching for, start the process with us today!


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