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What Does the Home Improvement Franchise Industry Look Like and Where Do We Fit In?

If you’re thinking of opening a small business and are wondering about opportunities in the home improvement franchise industry, we believe you’re on the right track — and we’re not saying that simply because we’re a leader in it; right now, our industry is enjoying incredible growth, as more property owners across the country make improvements to their homes in both big and small ways. Here, we’ll take a snapshot look at our market and how a More Space Place franchisee can take advantage of it.

Our Industry Is Hot!

Believe it or not, while many industries have been negatively affected by the pandemic, the home improvement franchise industry has not. In fact, it’s grown! Spending on home improvements and repairs grew more than 3% in 2020, in part because homeowners looked to modify their surroundings to accommodate working from home and/or because they were simply spending more time at home due to COVID-19. Overall, spending on home improvement is growing at twice the rate of other retail categories in the US, truly making now a terrific time to think about becoming part of the home improvement franchise industry with a More Space Place franchise investment!

Why More Space Place?

The year 2022 will see projected total home improvement sales reach a staggering $465bn — that’s billion, with a b! With all that potential income to be made, it would be smart to partner with a brand that’s got a proven track record in the home improvement franchise industry — and we are that brand!

We have decades of experience and have used it to craft and refine a proven business model that takes a lot of the trial and error out of running your franchise. Our preopening training will bring you up to speed on just about everything you need to know about day-to-day operations, and you can count on us to help you with:

  • Showroom site selection
  • Shop setup
  • SEO and social marketing strategies
  • Website and internet marketing support
  • Advertising materials
  • And much more!

Furthermore, when you become part of the home improvement franchise industry with

a More Space Place franchise, you’ll be granted a large, protected territory, which we’ll help you select as you move forward in the process. And because our industry is so robust, many of our franchisees are maximizing their revenue streams by opening more than one More Space Place location — something you might think about, too, as you assimilate into our industry.

Our Investment Is Comprehensive

An investment in a More Space Place franchise is one of the most affordable in the franchise sphere and factors in just about everything you’ll need to get started. Furthermore, we’re proud to offer retired or active military members a 25% discount on our one-time franchise fee, making it easier for them to take many of the qualities that made them a good fit for the military and apply them to business ownership.

No matter your background, becoming part of the More Space Place brand family is simply one of the best ways to capitalize on our busy industry!

Ready to be in business for yourself but not by yourself with a More Space Place franchise? Reach out today!


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