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What Does Our Home Organizing Franchise Process Look Like?

In recent years, adding storage space to an existing home has become a popular choice amongst property owners. Doing so not only gives these homeowners additional flexibility within their living area, but also has the potential to increase their property’s value – but only if done right. Many property owners have come to recognize this and know their best option in doing so is by seeking out a home organizing franchise like More Space Place.

In the last 30 or so years, we at More Space Place have established ourselves as one of the top options for customers and investors alike. Over this period, we’ve seen quite a lot in the home improvement industry, which has given us the experience and insight to draw from to better satisfy our customers by better preparing our franchisees to meet their needs. Among the most valuable aspects of the brand we have built during our More Space Place journey is the recognition and loyalty that we have established amongst our customers, which directly benefits each of our franchises.

See Why the More Space Place Franchising Business Model Is a Strong One

While starting a new small business holds a sizable amount of risk in just about any industry, it can be just as challenging for those attempting to start a home improvement business venture. The traditional small business model often leaves home improvement entrepreneurs without much support, racing against an accelerated clock to turn a profit. By launching a home improvement franchise with More Space Place, investors are more likely to find a quicker path to success as compared to the typical small business model. Additionally, they will have access to more support resources and safety nets to prevent their franchise from crashing and burning as it gets off the ground.

By going it alone, entrepreneurs are faced with a lengthy planning process before they can even start operating as a business. Often, many of them will have to dedicate years of careful planning and overanalyzing every detail to feel confident about getting started. Even then, it is hardly a guarantee for success, as they face an uphill battle to break into a market where more prominent and established brand names have been building relationships with homeowners for much longer.

Why Choose More Space Place as Your Home Organizing Franchise Choice?

Entrepreneurs who partner with us as franchisees can call upon our brand’s rich history and name recognition to settle any doubts that potential customers may have about choosing your franchise for their Murphy bed and custom closet needs. Each new More Space Place franchisee undergoes a thorough training and onboarding program that gets them up to speed and fully prepared for running their business after their grand opening – regardless of how little prior experience they bring to our partnership.

The More Space Place team is also very organized in setting our new franchisees up with the proper territory to be put in a strong position to succeed. We conduct extensive research into the demographics of each of our target markets to assist franchisees as they get set to launch their business with us. Our team also identifies the nearby competitors within each territory and leverages our brand identity and stability to keep each franchise owner top of mind with the many homeowners seeking help with their home storage projects.

Our support does not end with a location’s grand opening – we stay in constant communication with each new franchisee to help them overcome roadblocks that pop up along the way. When you enter our franchising process, you’ll quickly realize what makes opening a home organizing franchise with More Space Place one of the best options for entrepreneurs.

Contact the More Space Place team today, and we’ll fill you in on all the information you need to know as an entrepreneur entering the franchising process with us!


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