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How to Start a Murphy Bed and Custom Closet Business

In today’s working world, an increasing number of professionals with different backgrounds are choosing to switch their career paths to something that is more rewarding and enticing.

In these cases, many entrepreneurs begin searching for the right business opportunity to enter the industry of their choice. For those looking to make the most of their passion for home improvement projects, the More Space Place team can show them how to start a Murphy bed and custom closet business.

Since first starting our business nearly three decades ago, the More Space Place team has been working to establish ourselves as one of the top options for investors and customers in the home improvement industry.

Our experience has provided valuable insights to draw from as we aim to meet our customers’ expectations and support each of our new franchisees that join the More Space Place brand family. Throughout our time operating as a franchisor in the home improvement industry, we’ve leveraged the lessons that we’ve learned to put entrepreneurs who franchise with us in better positions to succeed.

What Makes a More Space Place Franchise Stand Strong in the Industry

Overcoming the hurdles and challenges that arise when starting a new business can be difficult to manage on your own, especially when entering a new industry. Even for those that have been dreaming of working in the space they plan to start the business in, entrepreneurship adds a completely different element compared to when they originally considered it just a personal passion.

With our franchise business model, More Space Place can help working professionals in search of a career change in the home improvement industry build a business they can be proud of. There are several factors that set a More Space Place franchise apart from the other opportunities in the home improvement industry.

Partnering with us gives franchisees:

  • A strong brand reputation and years of franchising experience to lean on
  • Initial training and ongoing support resources
  • A brand culture and identity that customers and More Space Place team members connect with

Find Your Path with a More Space Place Custom Closet Franchise Business

Starting a new business on your own under a traditional small business model can take a significant amount of time and planning. Even with all this effort, there is no guarantee that your new business will have the lasting power needed to continue past its early stages.

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At More Space Place, we work alongside each franchise owner to map out a shared vision for each new franchise so they can get a clear picture of what to expect as they prepare to run a new business.

If you are considering opening a Murphy bed and custom closet business, More Space Place has the franchise business model that can help you handle many of the challenges you’re likely to face.

With our proven track record of success, you can be confident that your decision to franchise with us will be one that will lead you down the right path with plenty of training, support and resources to guide you!

Contact us today, and we’ll show you how our Murphy bed and custom closets franchise opportunities can make investing in a More Space Place franchise such a great business choice for entrepreneurs looking to enter the quality home improvement industry!


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