home improvement business opportunity for veterans

Our Home Improvement Business Opportunity for Veterans is a Great One for All Kinds of Reasons!

At More Space Place, we’re proud of the fact that our franchise opportunity is one that so many people with all kinds of professional backgrounds have already taken advantage of. Prior experience in the home improvement industry is not needed, thanks to our comprehensive training and support. But one group of people who are an especially good fit for our brand are our men and women in uniform. We believe there is no better home improvement business opportunity for veterans out there than a More Space Place franchise offering!

We Love Working with Veterans

Veterans are a great fit for the More Space Place brand for so many reasons. They’ve proven themselves to be hard-working and dedicated, and we’re proud to be able to give them a chance to integrate back into civilian life. Best of all, many of them can use the skills they’ve honed while in the service to take advantage of our home improvement business opportunity for veterans. Very often, More Space Place veteran franchisees are:

  • Able to Lead: During their military careers, many veterans showed themselves to be leaders, and that’s a great quality to have as a More Space Place owner. Our franchisees act as role models, never forgetting that they’re setting an example for others to see and emulate, and they’ll be looked upon for guidance.
  • Able to follow: As well as many veterans can lead, they also know when and how to follow. They appreciate systems and guidelines to achieve best results, which is especially useful when partnering with More Space Place, because it will enable them to leverage our time-tested business model. Following it will allow veterans to manage nearly every aspect of the day-to-day operations of their franchise, taking a lot of the guesswork out of things and freeing them up to concentrate on customer service and growth.
  • Able to Connect: Many veterans gravitate to the service because they like being around people and want to be there for them and their communities. Veterans opening a More Space Place franchise will have that same opportunity. They’ll get to interact with their clients every day as they help them make the most of their home’s footprint and add value to their property.

All our franchisees have important strengths they rely on to grow their businesses, but the skillset of veterans can be especially useful when running a More Space Place franchise.

Our Partnership with VetFran

All of us at More Space Place are thankful every day for the sacrifices and service of our men and women in uniform. We try to show our appreciation at every turn, and to that end have

partnered with VetFran, a strategic initiative of the International Franchising Association that seeks to help veterans build successful civilian careers through franchising. As a VetFran member, we offer exclusive discounts to qualifying veterans, making it easier for them to transition from the military to the private sector. If you’re a veteran reading this, we invite you to take advantage of this important offer!

If you’d like to find out more about a More Space Place home improvement business opportunity for veterans, get in touch today!


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