Maximizing Profitability: Financial Strategies for More Space Place Franchisees

Starting a Murphy Bed and closet organizing business is an exciting venture, and choosing the right franchisor is crucial. More Space Place stands out as a leading option for aspiring franchisees, offering over three decades of experience in the industry. Here’s why partnering with More Space Place can help you maximize profitability and ensure your business thrives.

Why More Space Place?

More Space Place is renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. With a focus on custom designs and solutions tailored to unique needs, franchisees benefit from a strong brand reputation and established vendor relationships. These factors contribute to a solid foundation for financial success.

Partner with Industry Leaders

The U.S. home improvement market is a billion-dollar industry with continuous growth. More Space Place has 29 locations nationwide and is America’s #1 Murphy Bed Retailer. By joining this franchise, you bypass years of brand building and gain instant credibility. More Space Place offers a range of projects, including Murphy Beds, pantries, kids’ furniture, closets, laundry rooms, home entertainment centers, home offices, and garages, providing diverse revenue streams.

Financial Benefits of Franchising with More Space Place

  1. Low-Cost Start-Up: More Space Place offers a clear investment plan from the start, with an initial investment ranging between $135,050 to $234,100. This transparency helps you plan your finances accurately, reducing the risk of unexpected expenses.
  2. Healthy Operations System: Running a business involves juggling numerous responsibilities. More Space Place provides a robust operational system, ensuring smooth business operations and saving you time and effort.
  3. Growth Opportunities: More Space Place supports franchisees in expanding their business, offering opportunities to open multiple locations. The company assists with market identification and analysis, helping you tap into new revenue streams.
  4. Ongoing Corporate Support: From showroom site location assistance to lead generation strategies and technical training, More Space Place offers comprehensive support. This ensures you are well-prepared to compete in the market and achieve business success.

The Investment Breakdown

  1. Franchise Fee: The franchise fee is $44,500, granting you rights to use the More Space Place brand name, operations systems, and more. This fee simplifies business ownership and provides essential resources for success.
  2. Royalty: A weekly royalty payment of 5% of gross revenues helps More Space Place innovate and improve the franchise program. This continuous support benefits all franchisees, fostering collective growth.
  3. Initial Investment Range: The total initial investment covers training, ongoing support, and supplies, ensuring you have everything needed to start and maintain your business.

Ideal Franchise Candidate

More Space Place seeks enthusiastic individuals with a “can-do” attitude who can build relationships and work as a team. The goal is to grow together, making this partnership valuable. Additionally, veterans can benefit from a 25% discount on the franchise fee, making this opportunity even more accessible.


Maximizing profitability as a More Space Place franchisee involves leveraging the brand’s established reputation, comprehensive support systems, and diverse revenue opportunities. With a clear investment plan and continuous corporate support, More Space Place provides the tools and guidance needed for your business to thrive in the competitive home improvement market. Partnering with More Space Place is not just about starting a business; it’s about joining a community dedicated to excellence and growth.


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