how to start a home improvement business

3 Reasons to Start a Home Improvement Business

A lot of people stop themselves from starting their own business because they don’t believe that they’re qualified, but at More Space Place, we believe in qualities over qualifications. Our target franchisee understands the importance of following a system alongside a team of highly qualified professionals who understand our business inside and out. Let’s get into a few of the reasons that you should consider learning how to start a home improvement business.

1. Work for Yourself

One of the leading reasons that people choose to invest in a franchise business is the prospect of working for themselves. It’s liberating to break away from the construct of a conventional corporate career to learn how to start a home improvement business. More Space Place makes it much easier to do so without spending years doing all of the legwork to get started. Our team of highly trained franchise experts who have spent years in our industry will make sure that you have everything you need to get headed in the right direction.

2. Control of Assets

Making an investment can be incredibly rewarding, but the traditional ways of doing so are not always within your control. Stocks go up and down without notice, and real estate trends fluctuate constantly depending on the area you live in. Both present unpredictable risks, but with a franchise investment, you have a greater level of control. Our team will walk you through the steps to get started and provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document, which lays out everything there is to know about starting a home improvement business. Needless to say, our team is fully invested in your business ownership experience and will provide you with the utmost transparency to make sure you feel confident about your investment today and tomorrow.

3. Support of a Well-Established Team

The past year has certainly been a learning experience, and at More Space Place, our top takeaway was the importance of having a strong support system. So many business owners were forced to abandon their dreams, but our support program is complete, and our robust training program will be the jumpstart you need to enter the market well ahead of your competition. Our support includes, but is not limited to:

● Showroom Site Selection
● Shop Set-Up
● SEO and Social Marketing Strategies
● Website and Internet Marketing Support
● Advertising Materials
● Annual Meetings
● Central Purchasing and Negotiated Vendor Programs
● CRM Systems
● Direct Access to Corporate Support Hotline

If you’re interested in learning how to start a home improvement business,get in touch with More Space Place today!


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